Picking food

I threw away the canned tuna and the oatmeal biscuits, reminding myself I do not have to eat anything disgusting.

Ok, the biscuits wasn’t like disgusting at first, but it was disgustingly healthy for a cookie, so i left it for a few weeks and it just went soft and limp.

Realised my choices.
Am surprised at such a “gourmet” I am. Usually I will just gobble down everything in order not to be wasteful.

Like, I think, knowing the gift of cooking just makes your mouth and nose picky to good food I guess. Like a sort of ability. That gives you the power to choose. Like, knowing one more ability gives you the freedom to choose better.

Or like, knowing something just makes you appreciate the art or philosophy of something more.

Next recipes to conquer:
Grilled cheese (authentic american food, with tomato soup)
Sushi? (I LOVE to eat these) i don’t know if i can find fresh raw ingredients here… Japanese food is all about the freshness you know.
Cheese Steak Sandwich (just makes my mouth water)

Speaking of Japanese food, I NEVER touch any of the salmon (sashimi) here. Once you’ve tasted the freshest salmon (like I did in Singapore) and learn how to recognise one, you wouldn’t want to touch one here either.

I guess, Japan is just too far away from U.S. to keep the freshness going huh.


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