Thoughts on Car

(My dream car: BMW Convertible)

A friend of mine once mentioned that “it is because I do not have a car, therefore I am not going anywhere,” in rebuttal to “I don’t need a car, because I am not going anywhere.”

Strongly Disagree.

Without a car, I’m still going places (check out travel section under my blog and like even around Buffalo) and true, I pay for it, but you pay for a car too.

And true, a car here can cost as low as a 3-figure sum (a good working one would cost around 5k), but the insurance per month will suck the hell out of you. I think it reaches a 4-figure sum. The younger you are, the more you pay.

So do I still wanna drive in Singapore? Definitely! I don’t know why, maybe I need to get out. HAHAHA.


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