Singing to the Lord

The girl living on top of me gave a little screech before running her bath water at full splash. Then she scoot out.

I was at my throne, speaking in tongues.

I was’t exactly troubled but my recent purchases from eBay hasn’t exactly been smooth either. It’s funny how I transformed into a full-time buyer the moment I moved to the U.S.. The 2 out of 3 packages I opened yesterday had problems.

One was solved, after I prayed to the Lord.

The other one… shrugs…

Anyway it’s a great risk buying off the web although it is damn cheap. You lose your buyer privileges, like taking it to the store to be returned, and having the product inspected under your eyes. And some could cover up tiny defects of the product by simply not putting it in description.

Sure, you could always ship it back. But there’s the shipping fee and if you’re talking about huge items like a TV, you’ll blink at it and wish it teleported on its own. So far, my purchases of televisions on eBay has been less than perfect, especially from established store owners. 😦

Anyway, back to my bathroom situation.

The last time I prayed in tongues was on Monday. I loved the language that came out of me! It was like music, professional music!

This time, I tried, but I wasn’t concentrating. Maybe its cos occasionally I heard sounds from the girl taking a shower above. Or maybe because I just had a lack of faith. Or was distracted by the business at the throne.

Then I remembered LR said its about Jesus not me. Look to him. Then I began to invite the Holy Spirit in me.

I remembered how and where it felt when He came. It was at the lower abdomen. Where most my fats were. I remembered, on Monday, at my lower abdomen, I felt something stirring, a whirlwind of LIFE! and of joy.

I spoke in faith.

It felt good. Speaking to God. As I spoke, I was hit with thoughts—not new ideas, just realizations. Facts of truth.

Everytime I stop, I felt the urge to keep speaking to God over and over again. And I was just pray and pray in tongues. It was as if the praying took over a life of its own. And the body had no choice but to act its part.

Soon I broke into a little tunes. In tongues for the Holy Spirit. The girl above began to sing in high pitch too. At one point, she had me running for the covers.

We were both singing, except she probablt pretending to be her pop star and me, just communicating and praising my God.

There was this few tunes that I kept repeating, with the same lyrics, and pretended like its an actual song. i enjoyed the melody of it and the few words that made it up so much.

It was good.

I’m glad this ministry, BASIC, believes in speaking in the tongues. They meet every Monday night on campus, and I was there this Monday.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by lirong on October 19, 2007 at 2:37 am

    hhahahaha, i love how u said u and the girl were singing. just differently…

    and praise God that it’s so wonderful..

    and again, im quite amazed. sitting and staring in awe at how the Holy Spirit’s moving in u.. 🙂

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