The REAL Milgram Experiment Video

Today in Social Psychology class, we watched the real Milgram Experiment video.

The video really had these people and equipment inside. People and equipment that we saw only in photos in our Psy 101 textbook.

We witness 3 men giving shocks to the “Learner” actor and their reactions. The way they talk was really like people in the 70s. The video was in black and white anyway.

The 3 men varied in forcefulness of their resistance to continue with the experiment; the first being the firmest who quit at the Learner’s first screaming protest, to the last man applying shocks that climbed to the highest of voltage under the experimenter’s pressure.

Could see the last man, being the least firm, was also the most stressed up during the experiment. He kept laughing nervously in the beginning. When he laughed, his belly actually twitched along in sync. Which was quite funny I thought. As the screams and protests from the Learner gets louder and more agitated, he scratched his head when he was about to apply shocks, hid his head in his hands all the time while giving the test questions, and slouched his back.

This guy went all the way, applying maximum shocks of 450 volts a few times to the Learner even when he stopped responding at around 300+ volts.

On the Learner side, he had already loosen himself from the straps, tooks out large wooden boxes of really old-fashioned looking equipment and basically just monitored that the pre-recorded screams paired correctly with the voltage.

The class laughed at certain parts of the Learner’s pre-recorded screams. Like when he screeched,”Awwwwww-ch!” I really don’t find it funny at all.

At the end of the experiment, or when the “Teacher” refused to participate anymore, they were asked how they feel. The guy that went all the way, said, “Well I’m glad its not real, cos I was getting ready to walk out.” The girl behind me said, “Yah right, you little Nazi.” My sentiments alright.

When asked the question “why didn’t he stop” a few times, he always gave the same answer, “I wanted to stop, but he (the experimenter) wouldn’t allow.”

The evaluator went as for as to ask, “Was there anything the Learner can say that would stop you?” He looked puzzled and exposed. He said no at first then remain silent at the second asking.

it was painful watching him defending himself when we could all see thru him.

I don’t know why but it seems we watch a lot of black-and-white experiment videos in our Social Psy class.


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