Spaghetti Carbonara

Was angry, so I cooked. Carbonara. For breakfast.


Was determined to get it right this time.


Also, the slow jazz (radio) makes me feel like dancing. Hm, must be the lack of sleep.

*shakes myself awake.

Line pasta
Cubes of Bacon (45% less fat, 30% less sodium)
Sliced button mushroom
1 egg, parmesan cheese –mixture
Olive oil
Garlic (unneccessary)

Am very VERY satisfied with the look of it.
Presentation: 10/10
Taste: a little too bland, not salty enough from the cheese, mainly because I put too much water in the egg/cheeese mixture–argh i knew it! 6/10. But too salty also no good, you’ll feel nauseous from the cheese. So, 8/10
Oh shit, I forgot to put salt and pepper and parsley leaves 😛
Forgot to add salt and oil into boiling water for pasta. HmmMmmMmm shall try that next time.
Oh and i just realise they said “egg yolks” only. No cream, can’t find.
Presentation could be better, it could be 12/10.

Overall: 8/10.

I remember in Nutrition class, one of the causes of food poisoning is contamination between raw and cooked food. Seriously, I never thought of that until I attended the class. In this dish, there is one such contamination–the raw egg and ready-to-serve parmesan cheese.

In Jesus’ name, I won’t get diarrhoea.

Would like to thank VideoJug for specific ingredients and steps to cook this dish. 🙂



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