The Chapel

Dr Pauline Hope Cheong brought me to The Chapel. She brought me to talk to several people and tried to get me in contact with someone from UB that goes to the Vintage, the college ministry. It’s a mega huge church. I love the big screens like the ones they have at New Creation, only bigger. And West, the pastor for Vintage baptized in water 3 girls infront of us! I was so amazed.

Today wasn’t a regular service. It was like a testimonial section. The organizations The Chapel hooked up with are spreading God’s love in many many parts of the world, like sheltering the homeless women and kids, and a teenage ministry in America, and many more.

Me outside The Chapel, specifically wanted to take the huge letterings.

Dr Cheong and me, albeit a bit small.

Breakfast at the Orignal Pancake House

Strawberry Crepes, Dr. Cheong’s

My Apple Waffle

Absolutely delicious! Between you and me, my waffle tasted better. Shhh dont say. But her strawberries are fantastic. You know I really should check out the local produce here. It’s blooming fruits like, apples, fresh vegetables. Plenty of farmers nearby. People are organising trips to apple-picking etc. A market comes to UB every Wednesday bringing these fresh produce. Yep.


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