Spicy sauce

Eko gave the left over red spaghetti sauce that he so detested and boy, is it spicy. I cried a river.

Ah, talking bt spaghetti makes me hungry ler.

And those are clumps of bacon curled around each other. I fried all of them. Somehow they don’t taste as good as the ones in church camp. Dr Cheong says I should get the Canadian ones, cos got less fat. Maybe nicer tasting too.

Oh SHIT! My 4 organic eggs just expired today! But its ok I fried and ate all of ’em. I just wish I had onions. Yummy. I don’t know why frying is the automatic answer to saving expired food. It’s almost genetic.

And seriously, scrambled eggs is the easiest and laziest way to cook eggs. You don’t know what to do with it? Mess it up and fry.


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