"Heroes" the new TV series

So then, I read Generation* (magazine) and flipped to the page where the write-ups of the newest movies and music are. Usually I don’t read that, but in order to get myself integrated to the U.S. culture, I decided, why not. And then I saw this poster in the paper that looked familiar. It was a poster of “Heroes”**, the series I was chasing the WHOLE WEEKEND. Took 2 days, and finished the first season of 23 episodes, an hour long each. By the 20th episode I was ready to edit the story. The last 3 series were just wasting time. There could be alot of ways to get things done and there are a lot I can say about the series but its 4 a.m…. I should be getting some sleep soon.

Oh by the way, I saw the series’ poster on this DVD boxset this guy was hugging on the bus, that’s why it looked familiar. Don’t know why but can’t helped staring at it then.

*Generation, one of the school’s more hip magazine, among others like Reporter and The Spectrum.
**Season 2 just premiered a few weeks ago.


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