At the Church Camp

We reach First Trinity Lutheran Church at approxiately 8:30 PM

Tiny door to Girls’ Room
Relac-one-corner at one of entrance’s sofas.

Wrote down prayers before I fell asleep on the sofa:

Lord I wanna thank you. I see so much beauty in my surroundings.
So much peace and quiet.
This place has so much freedom, space every psychological ones.
And so much more negotiation, everything can be worked out.
The quietness of the gym (its actually the basketball court) after people worked.
The beautiful puffy clouds that looks like cotton plstered onto a blue construction paper, drifting
The ironic smell of fried chicken coming from the gym!
The beautiful renaissance paintings of Jesu Christ, his crown of thorns
The space between gym and the hallway, decorated with these paintings.
The beautiful IV (Intervarsity Christian Fellowhip, the group I was with) worship tunes.
The huge windows with sunlight coming in, in shapes of quadrangles.
Now that I have you to thank for all these beauty, I just feel happier, I receive more and feel more blessed for it did not happen by accident.
These are your gifts.
Lord I wanna thank you for bringing me to U.S. to see how much I love Singapore my home my country. And my peple. I cherish what I have back home, to love the people at home.

I was in the toilet and it gets so quiet here I could hear the machine run in my handphone.

The Next Morning!

I made fried bacon, learnt from camp. And finally got my half-boiled eggs right.



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