A Journalism Personality: Lauren Cabell

Taken from UB Today: Alumni Profile

Today we had a guest speaker from the Journalism world. The moment she sat down, you could just see she was SO IN CONTROL of herself. Even the way she sat, her posture, her response to surprised questions, the way she talked about her adventures, the way she very fast switched her emotions from ‘very happy’ to ‘a professional front’. I was just impressed. As if her CV wasn’t impressive enough. She was just so smooth. And totally in control of her movements and expressions.

I mean, how many of us could master all that. I for one, is always taken aback at every sentence said to me. She doesn’t blink as much, doesn’t roll her eyes, she was just matter-of-fact, “there”, a solid rock yet with graceful movements. She doesn’t get flustered, even if she was expressing ‘flustered’, she was totally in control of her ‘flustered expression’!

She comes across as someone who has seen it all, at the frontal of a war and still able to remain cool, yet gracious and feminine. She had her notes, written in a yellow piece of crumpled folded 3x but yet never once looked at it. Her gaze was sharp, confidence and beautiful. (That’s beside the point, cos all angmohs’ eyes are really very pretty) I walked away feeling like I took a part of her personality with me. Feeling like a part of her personality left a mark lightly imprinted on the surface of my skin.

Her name is Lauren Cabell.

She was of regular height, woman of small built and very skinny. Dressed in old-fashioned checkered and spotted, her life story and speech stood out in vibrant colors. She was a dare-devil at life, trying everything possibly imagined.

I tell ya, its pretty different reading about someone and having someone actually letting you feel their presence in class, because you would notice things so much like how I did. And it’s amazing.

Before coming in, our lecturer told us that she WANTED to come and speak to us about the realities of being a journalist, if there were any aspiring journalist in our class. So its not like she was invited forcefully to speak, or couldn’t turn down a minor favor asked.

She started her speech with “One of the few things nobody tells you about journalism is…” And I was just eager for more.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Li Rong on October 5, 2007 at 9:50 am

    So… what are the few things nobody tells you..?

    Wow.. she sounds quite awesome 🙂 wish i cld hv been there to witness it too!

    eh ur journalism class very interesting eh?

  2. Posted by Andrea Ng on October 5, 2007 at 10:06 pm

    hi sista!

    she say ah…dun use wiki, rely on real people, the libraries and the public.

    and dont be discouraged if u dun have a journalism degree, its not a lack. some employees of hers actually specifically say they won’t employ a journalist graduate because often they get so caught up with journalist writing they lose touch with other subjects, and thats what journalism is all about–writing about other subjects, not writing about journalism. if you have some kind of speciality or interest in say engineering, the sciences or arts, or even sports (one of the easiest to write), write about that.

    so if u really want to be a journalist, just go out there and write for free. hook up with a newspaper and say, let me write for you. write on anything. go cover an event and prove that u can write.

    to be a journalist, u can forget about holidays, she spent all her Christmas and Thanksgiving reporting, during the years of her journalism careers. You have to work Friday, Saturday nights and Sundays.

    Personality of a Journalist: skeptic, do not take what other people say at face value, investigate, ask questions, you’re someone others consider “a little-off”, someone who notices things others don’t—-you’re great to be a journalist.

    When she decided she wanted to be a journalist, she thought there was only 1 way, that is to be a reporter, the one who goes out there to grab the news, interview people and comes up with the article. everyone wants to be glamorous, have their name in newspapers, but there are other ways to be a journalist, like you could be a photographer, if u like working w computers, u could be the layout/graphic designer, there are people who spent their whole lives doing the graphics and layout and even coming up with headlines, or u could be doing the research…

    Go to “Journalism Jobs” for more kinds of jobs.

    lastly, dont expect to make big bucks as a reporter. u earn more as an editor and u’re secured knowing u’ll alws have a job as an editor. everyone wants to be a reporter bcos its glamarous. but if u wan the $ and security, an editor is what u want to be.

    all these are paraphrased from her 25minute-long speech!

  3. Posted by lirong on October 7, 2007 at 2:26 pm

    Wah, didnt expect u to reply so lonnngg..

    but wow, journalism sudd sounds like something i could do? full of excitement. questioning pple abt things tht matter? hhahha, tho the editor part sounds more enticing 🙂

    anw, thanks sista for all the info;)
    *mental note to refer here if i ever wanna be a journalist*

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