Crying out in distress

On Monday early morning, before I even fell asleep, I cried out to the Lord. Because I was overcomed with troubles and worries. I cried out “Jesus my lord! I have so many problems!”

My TV is not working! (The stupid 20″ LCD TV I bought from ebay does not tune into channels, only plays DVD. #$^*$^#$^%&#@)
My phone is not working!
My ebay chargeback!
My Quicktime! How to record Pastor Prince’s daily 1/2 hour sermons!
My gifts! My DVD-where is it? My Psalm 23 the one LR gave-where is it?
The stupid blades on my inline skates-how come only 1 side?

Jesus! And all these problems you have conquered already.

I was shaking in distress and crying out to Him.

Then the Lord started giving me answers.

He asked me try a private handphone repair shop in the mall.
Ask for compensation from the seller.
I blew my handphone with the hairdryer. And prayed the battery will not plunge to 1 bar in the morning (And it didn’t)
Mp3 player came alive after I plugged in the charger.
The Lord told me to look in between a book, and I found my Psalm 23.
The Lord gave me dinner and drowse me to sleep.


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