Noise-level and roommate

For a few nights running now, the housemate closest to my room has male visitors hunting down her room after midnight and basically hold a press conference about her life. Every night as the clock strikes 12, this Cinderella’s raving party swarms her, her Prince Charming stays with her till 3-4am. And the bad news is: I can hear everything.

The walls between our rooms are about as thick as a Japanese paper and wood cut. Every night I pray to God. For peace and quiet.

For a noise-sensitive person like me, God is the only one keeping my sanity.

You know, my housemate is essentially a quiet person. I just don’t know how and why she attracts this swarm of after-midnight bees. Pumpkin gone bad?

At least on 3 occasions every month, and for the past few consecutive days and on this particular night.


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