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Christian is from New York City and Jim (from Buffalo itself, in fact, a lot of people in the Universities are from Buffalo itself, like Steph.) joked about how New Yorkers only cared about whether you’re or not from New York City. Kinda like City VS Country people. Then I told them in SG, we’re all city people, kinda because our CBD and our shopping haven, our malls is all next to each other. (Refer to post Tour in Downtown Buffalo for how US district is mapped out). And I said in SG, there are a lot of Caucasians like him, I thought that would make him feel welcomed, but he said he didn’t care whether there were people like him around him. And I thought that was wow, what makes us different from each other.

After Jim left, Christian and I talked about God and the Bible. He’s a Catholic and he said how Catholic church tries to explain scientific findings, and not simply ignoring them. That kinda reminds of… the Age of Enlightenment when social movement took on the opposite of faith and religion to reason and science. Perhaps the Pope and the Catholic Church of today are afraid of re-making the same mistake as the “Earth is flat” belief. During the Enlightenment years, Columbus was telling them, “No! The Earth is round.” And the religious people, so afraid that all these scienticts were going in power and taking over the world, insist the opposite. This is just one example, the Catholics did many of similar kind in the past when Science was really booming.

Ok, this one particular example Christian gave for the Church not refuting scientific evidence anymore is of that Scientists found that the internal organs of Man and monkeys were inherently of the same make. But this is only just physical. And I thought it was interesting thought–that we evolve physically from the monkeys and God spoke life into us. BUT NOW I REPENT. I change my mind. NO WAY did we evolve from chimpanzees. The idea just make me nauseous. If we evolved from monkeys, then I really worry my next generation, the ones I give birth to, might evolve into some alien not similar to me or human at all! OMG!!!!


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  1. Posted by Li Rong on September 28, 2007 at 3:49 am

    hahhaha, dear!!

    i found it so amusing that Christian is a Catholic 😀 (the play on names)

  2. Posted by tabula rasa on September 30, 2007 at 12:05 pm

    🙂 BBUUTTT you sound like u’re having lots of fun. I’ve been growing in Christ – lots of revelations from him..from the scriptures. Loving it. The only qualm i’ve now…is that i’m still NOT going to church regularly. I WONDER WHY?

  3. Tabula – my hubby had the same prob initially… work hours for us are nuts coz we are in the media line. but now we are just so hungry for MORE OF JESUS and feel very blessed to be well fed… so we make efforts to set Sundays aside… there are 4 services and no excuses not to at least make it for one session to recharge lol. If we do unfortunately miss one, we try watching a sermon together and I’ve got a ton of Joyce meyer podcasts and Pastor prince sermons in my mp3 player for those hungrier days.

    My hubby stopped reading the bible in primary school when he got pass the genealogy of Christ – it totally bored him. He only picked it up recently. He read NT first and then now he is at OT and man where we used to yawn, it is now so darn interesting because we don’t just read blindly anymore – we have a better understanding of bible types and symbols and suddenly scripture just comes a live. Jesus is just everywhere in the OT.

    It’s almost like a game of Where’s Wally… lol =D

    We were reading Samuel with my 6 year old son 3 months back when we hit this portion where Samule threw fine flour into some poisoned food and it became safe to eat. My hubby and I suddenly saw something we never saw before – Samuel had applied Christ to the poison, removing its “curse” so that the food was safe and nutritious to eat again. =D Yay-ness!

    I used to be Catholic and it was just ritual after ritual, believing every crap the Vatican tells her members (I mean how can anyone justify changing the ten commandments I really dunno!)… Salvation was so dubious and I had no confidence that heaven had a spot for me. And all this confession after confession and striking of breast when confessing… sighs. It was so legalistic and ritualistic – it put distance between Abba instead of bridging it with talk of Christ. And I dun mean to be irreverant but I do not think Mary stayed virgin after having Christ. There is no evidence of her remaining virgin and becoming queen of heaven. And what’s this about co-redemptrix?

    I used to be super pro RC and felt protestants were a bunch of sorry people who were just good debaters but not knowing the truth.

    Then I read the bible and scales fell out from my eyes like crazy.

    Now I am glad I can sing amazing grace with all honesty because I once was blind but now I see.

    Praise God!

    May Christian the Catholic come to see Christ for who He REALLY is and to come to discern between legalism and grace… I took years to get here coz I was just so darn stubborn (RCers can be just Sunday Catholics who dun read the bible or bother much, but attack RC and watch the claws come out to defend the Pope and all the laws that they don’t even know about at all… reading them just makes me want to laugh – How could I have been so dumb???)

    Keep sharing with him… and sowing seeds of grace in his heart. That’s all you need to do… to sow, to water and Christ will make the seeds of grace take root and grow in his heart. =D

    God bless bro!

  4. oops i meant sis ha ha… i didnt know la coz profile pic looks quite anything-goes… then saw ur grad pics…

    super duper apologies from me =D

  5. Oh dear, Geri, i totally took u for somebody else. Until I read about your 6 yr-old son.

    I don’t even know where is the page on your blog and my blog the wrong message(s) was left.

    Anyway, how could u mistake such lovely feminine eyes? LOL.

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