God’s Word applies to Social Psychology

Anj is a Psychology major. I remember I once ask her, how does she reconcile Science with “Religion”.

Firstly, I forgot, whatever Christ did is not “religion”.

Secondly, I have a personal testimony on His higher works. I was studying for my exams for tomorrow.

The chapter after chapter 12 in the Social Psychology textbook talks about social psychology and health. Studies have shown that a Negative Explanatory Style is the main factor for causing the Cycle of Depression.

The Negative Explanatory Style inolves attributing failures and negative experiences to being ‘stable’, ‘global’ and ‘internally-caused’. Meaning to say, a person with a NES attitude will say these when he fails:
– “I’m forever a failure!”
– “I’m going to fail at everything!”
– “It is all my fault I failed!”

So you see, this person is in a rather terrible state and there is kinda no way he is getting ahead with that kind of thinking. UNLESS-he is in Christ. In His finished works.

Christ says none of the problems you see infront of you is permanent, because He has conquered it all.
Christ says none of your failures will be a problem in His finished work.
Christ says you are redeemed from your sin, cos He paid it all.

Not only that, I can say a lot of God’s Word is applicable in everyday life!


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