God-sent dreams

As much as I want to be there for everybody I simply can’t. Even Jesus, God in a mortal’s body can’t. Some people had to be healed by faith. And I’m not God. God is. He say, “I am”. Come to think of it both my parents lost their father when they were young. The most important thing is to be responsible for yourself. Cos you’re not God, You’re not the saviour.

(1 week later, I really don’t know what I was saying…)

I really don’t know the purpose of it. And I’m not one big on dreams, at least since I have God. He is the truth, the Light and the Way. And I was so afraid, cos it was pretty controversial and I didn’t want to upset my sister in any way by bringing up and issue that is not like everyday chitchat. It was a little dangerous threading that close to my sister’s weak spot.

But the Lord sent me dreams and a message after the dream. The dream conjured up some pretty intense emotions. I woke up with a message strong in my head. “I finally know how LR feels.”

Seriously I do not know any purpose for this. Actually I wanted to put it all behind me, cos it was just so “dangerous”! Kinda like radical grace. But don’t know why I just made a decision internally to tell LR suddenly.

Just wanna tell her you are so blessed! The cows and the grass, God made it for you! So you can have meadows and beef!

Focus on myself and my God. Me and my God-we are One. He is my redeemer my saviour my best friend. The best looking guy ever. And Jesus I wanna thank you for tonight’s prace and quiet. You deliver so fast. No sound at all, the moment I scream your name. It’s all from you.


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