Truphone updates. Phone down.

My Nokia phone failed, cos i accidentally ran it under the tap. Great now I need to find the nearest Nokia care centre. You know those “Search for care centres/franchises/shop location nearest to your place”? Those come in really useful now. In SG, your nearest shop could just be Bukit Timah from Orchard, over here, its *sigh.

Have been using truphone but then there was once i tried to connect so urgently to make an urgent (not emergency) call and it wouldnt work. How reliable. I swear I was at a hot spot, Student Union.

Wanted to make a note about Truphone and battery life. There was once I made a less than 10min call to HSBC and my battery got ‘eaten’ by half. Hmmm… not much optimism here huh.


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  1. Posted by Truphone Support Team on September 24, 2007 at 7:05 am

    We are sorry to hear that you experienced a problem trying to initiate a Truphone call here. Were you able to see both the access point (white clover leaf) and Internet telephony (phone-over-globe) symbols when you attempted to make this urgent call over Truphone?
    The Truphone Support Team would like to troubleshoot this with you further, should you wish to raise a support request via the “MyAccount” section of our website.

    Battery life consumption can be affected by handset behaviour. Our software will have a slight impact only, however we understand your frustration here.

    There are a few factors to consider with battery life…

    1. Consider the distance you will be from your access point. The further away your handset is from the router, the more power will be required to maintain a connection.

    2. Router setup is also important. Some routers send the “Keep alive” data to the handset more regularly than others. The more frequently these messages are sent, the more power will be required.

    Therefore your choice and setup of access point can make a big difference to handset battery life. Older access points are generally not designed for newer mobile devices, and as such power saving is not always a priority.

    You can also tweak your handset to help improve performance…

    1. Navigate to Menu>Tools>Settings>Connections>Wireless LAN>Options>Advanced settings>Yes. Automatic configuration will need to be “Disabled” to change settings.

    2. TX power level is set to 100 mW as standard. This is generally higher than required, and I suggest that you turn this down to 10mW (or even better 4mW if you sit in the same room as your router). I suggest that you experiment and decide what works best for you.

    3. Turn off WLAN scanning from the main screen of your handset.

    You can also choose to turn off Truphone WLAN roaming (Truphone auto-scanning and switching between access points). Simply open the Truphone application, select Options>Settings>Internet calls>Roaming, and set to “Disabled”.

    The Truphone Support Team will always investigate any issues reported in order to provide the best service to our customers.

    Best Regards –
    The Truphone Support Team

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