Tour at Downtown Buffalo

Went for a tour to downtown Buffalo. Like the architecture alot, but did not take many pictures cos phone was down since friday. Only took one of the Catholic Church.

22092007catholic church in downtown buffalo

Buffalo downtown is like our CBD. It’s a business centre. No shopping centre. It was dead when I visited it on a Saturday. The tour guide took us around, explaining its history. Even though contents were boring, I enjoyed listening to his presentation very much. I think he is a very good presenter who is able to project his voice no matter how boisy the environment is.

So where are all the shopping centres? I hear you ask. At the suburbs. The shopping and retail moved to where the people are staying because land prices are high in the CBD-duh.

Downtown has one interesting street though-the Chippewa Street. This is like our Mohammad Sultan. Nightclubs there, and even the sch’s famous club Level is there. Tour guide says Chippewa used to be a sleazy street, like our Geylang, where prostitutes and drug dealers visited. So there’s was also local joke that went, “Hey I saw your mama at the Chippewa Street last night!”

Maybe cos its early morning, but I really didnt remember much. Sleepy and just keep walking walking. Walk walk and walk to the this place that looks familiar! Its the stadium where the Buffalo Wings Festival was held. Refer to post.

Basically we just went from building to building, they are governemet buildings and then the Niagara Square. Buffalo’s architecture is really unique. The tour guide brought us to the first building that was built using vertical lines, which inspired other skyscrapers.


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