Dinner tonight:another milestone

Have started cooking with olive oil. Mannnn it splatters so much. More than the butter

Used mummy’s recipe! Mummy is the greatest cook! It’s weird to see myself finally cooking for myself what i have been eating for years, from the moment I grew teeth.

23092007 my chicken
Garlic, chicken seasoned with sesame oil (this one is powerful, the moment i pour it over the chicken, the scent is like heaven) and salt and oyster sauce, button mushroom, slices of ginger, potato cubes, some water.

More pictures here.

23092007 my vege
Don’t ask me what is this. I just know I need to cook away the lettuce or its rotting to the core!

Even though I had no idea what I was cooking when I started out on this dish, Ummm… it turned out well!
Lettuce with pieces of chicken thigh, some oyster sauce. In fact, if I put a little more water it taste some soup I have drank before. lol.

My Dinner
23092007my dinner

Taste: Too much oil in chicken. otherwise, AWESOME. INCREDIBLE. HEALTHY. SATISFIED.

Andrea is a certified Chinese cook now.


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