Se was right, it looks like i can only receive pastor prince’s sermons through Daystar. Luckily his program is back. Cos for 2 whole weeks, they had a Sheraton going on and all the programs were stopped for it. besides that, also watched every Sunday 11pm at MIracle Channel. and listened to his audio sermons given by lirong and eunice. checking out the chapters and falling in love with scripture.

Saw nice christianity posters at and redesign some of it. =]

First one I did:

Love this:

Not scripture but sheds light on it.


Have started learning how to “pray for my own peace of mind”. Bud taught me sometime back. Things concerning others that I have no power over to change, I pray for myself and ask God to bless the other person. 🙂

Next week! I am going to Chapter Retreat, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship @ UB!


IVer’s Get ready for another Great time as our Chapter Retreat is just around the corner.
September 28 were meeting in SU 210 at 7:34 with an open heart and 5 bucks in hand.
Chetaqua Hills Camp here we come.


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