Busy living life or busy blogging about living?

I did not get Michael Moore’s tickets. Heck. The journlism assignment is a bother to get started.

I cleaned the bathroom sink today. I cleaned in sections. Last week it was the bathtub. Last last week it was the toilet bowl. (Because it flooded).

I am seriously lagging in school work. Realize I have a lot of reading to do.

I am finally having my first test next Thursday! Ok, weird to be happy, but people around have been having exams and such. I feel left out. Look how strong peer influence is.

I don’t know if I told you about the tiny speakers and voice of the Social Psy class. But these 2 days I made an effort to sit at the 3rd or 4th row from the front and I can finally enjoy her jokes more.

It’s this class la, huge class setting:

Did I tell you what happened during last week’s holidays, the Rosh Hashanah week? I purchased wildly, with good reasons. And now the stuff are all coming in. Will post more pictures.

I bought a LCD TV. I rather watch movies on my Mac than on TV I had.

I bought bundles of hot pack. Can microwave them. For keeping my feet warm, and can also warm up the bed before I go to bed.

My DVD player came a few days ago. It is pretty much fantastic to me. Can play burnt DVD-R, +R. Nods.

My stereo came today. It is to be hooked up to the DVD and LCD.

One thing I want to say about watching movies. It is how you watch it. The surroundings matter a lot whether the movie will top your rating or not. The sound. The sight. The quiet surroundings. The comfortable bed.

Was walking to class when I realize I hadn’t taken pictures or done videos for a long time. And the birds were chirping and I thought, why not. Yep, that’s all I do these days, staying in school, taking pictures and going on ebay to buy stuff. Gotta start mugging la. Realize the leaves are shedding…





Oh I saw a huge rainbow on the way to dinner last Saturday, in school.


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