Truphone on UB!!

Tested and used Truphone on campus the whole day! Its pretty amazing how the connection just jumps from one hotspot to another and wouldn’t say die! I even had problems trying to switch off the WLAN scanning towards the end of the day when the phone was on low battery. Now, my battery has to keep up with the number of calls I make. Previously, $$ was the limiting factor.

As I scurry in between buildings and close to the sides of buildings like a Spiderwoman (Studen Union, Norton, Park, Baldy) to ensure I’m still covered, yet wanting to be on the move for my next class, I discovered a few positive aspects of Truphone.

What’s different(or better) from Pfingo?
Truphone has/is:
– Constant connection (easier to set up, stays ON after setting up once)

– Easy to identify you’re connected (Highlights a logo on phone)

Truphone is constantly within sight. So you know when you are connected and can make a call–just look out for the huge logo on screen. If its on, you’re good to go.

– International calls (Pfingo only allows me to call SG for free). With Truphone, I can call, like, almost anybody in Buffalo, and I can think of 1 friend to call in Aussie. If that is you, *wink.

Has a number assigned to me (although I don’t know how to use that yet) Like a phone number. Except its internet telephone.

Only US and UK users have this number. I know they’re biased against Asians countries. If I were at the other end of the spectrum, I would probably complain, “Shucks, when is it coming to Singapore AGAIN. Why do they always miss US out? Don’t they know the WHOLE ISLAND is almost as advanced as the City of New York or London? I mean like people in the suburbs don’t even know how to use the Wi-Fi. Singtel offers 3G at very low rates like a month before I left. SG has every reason to get the full package! I mean, they don’t even offer it to Japan! But japan probably has its own thing. Like SG has its own Pfingo.”

– Simpler installing process on the cellphone. Just text a number and your software delivers to you via Wi-Fi/3G. Pfingo has to set up account la, text some confirmation code, and before that, get some number installed in your SIM card. Aiyo. So painful for a novice that I didn’t use it at all after all that installation.

What’s not-so-positive?
– Has no softphone if not, its perfect! (A softphone is a software installed on the computer, used and looks like a mobile phone except it is on the computer connected to the internet. It can sms, make calls, import your contacts from your cellphone and even connect to your PC’s webcam. At least Pfingo’s can.) Because, I can use my Mac (with ethernet connection) to call virtually anywhere in the world without depending on a WLAN/3G only.

This is Pfingo’s softphone.

If you’re using Mac, like me, Pfingo’s recommendation(pdf) is X-Lite.


– Requires seperate application installation of 309 kB. Pfingo–besides that installation in the phone book, the rest were settings and more settings, which converts to inconvenience. Ok Truphone, you’re off the hook.

– Has no “other services” yet. Like, Pfingo has PfngoACTIVE which is a downloadable application called Mobile Client on your mobile which basically allows you to check your email (gmail and others), use MSN messenger/GoogleTalk, RSS news, view thru the lens of your webcam on ya PC, share files. Well, you need to pair it up with a Desktop Client on ya PC to use webcam. Amazing isn’t it. Years ago, only my O2 PDA allows me to use MSN on the go. I would chalk up so much data on my GPRS. Ok not that many years ago, I think it was just last year August; 1 year ago.

Tomorrow’s experiment–how long does my cell last with a full battery, constantly connected to Truphone and making as many calls as necessary. If there’s some life left, I may consider giving out my Truphone number instead and use GSM forwarding. (GSM forwarding is when you’re not connected to Truphone, your calls gets forwarded to your AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile etc… u get the idea, Singtel, M1, Starhub…)

OK, while I wrote this, the Lord opened my eyes to a possible public speaking topic. Awesome!! It shall be called: How to make FREE International calls on Campus. (Omg, will i sound like a…. Truphone promoter?) Like, “ok everybody, pick up your phone and sms to +XXX-XXX-XXX and then sign up Truphone’s mailing list….” Ew. No I shall not do that.

Goodnight everyone.

What I did today: Change all my active standby applications to Truphone, Pfingo and PfingoACTIVE. (Nokia E65)

Ok side note: I miss the clubbing scene in SG, no matter how lame it is.


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