Mini Palette of 7 Updates….

1) I guess I should apologise. Last week, my lecturer asked a question and called everyone’s names to answer except me. I felt a little angry and unjust. Like hello? My opinion is not valued? Confronted him via email, cos it just happened he emailed me to ask for a favour–do a survey. He said he missed my name. I decided if I believe all men’s basic nature is good (and that he’s not lying and that he didn’t mean harm) and that we are all sinners, I am better at peace with myself and him. So I decided to apologise. To him.

Seriously, I don’t know what got into me.

2) My Creative mp3 player’s gone cranky for many months. I am fighting off the temptation/unnecessity to get an Ipod (Classic or Nano) by referring to Creative Support over ever so often. Considering Ipod is more widely advertised/used/loved by Americans than SGreans, I am doing pretty well, occassionally browsing Apple’s website and imagine what would it be like… … and then only to not buy it.

The idea of a hard disk connected connecting to a hi-fi set sounds pretty good to me. A few thousand choices of songs on stereo and subwoofer and possibly a 5-in-1 speaker system. Nice! The Lord bless me!

3) I sold my TV for $75. Cos I’m getting a LCD TV from ebay. The extra buck will help for the shipping and the accessories that came with the box.

4) Lastly, I found SSA (Singapore Student Association) is only a temporary club! OMG! It’s not even an official club yet!

5) Hillary Cinton. Have some miscommunication with my lecturer. In a Journalism assignment, I spelt “Hillary” with a single “L” and it cost me a grade. This is a journalism class, everything counts, the lecturer is making us practice as journalists. So, assignements late by a second gets a C grade and spelling names correctly are magnified.

Now, I went up to the lecturer trying to explain that I googled “Hillary” and got corrected for “Hilary” instead. And that it was unfair for my grade to suffer. She just thought I was trying to find a reason why Google turned up “Hilary” instead of “Hillary”.


6) Have you ever wonder if its possible to wake up and have nothing on your mind to do? Life is definitely not in a slower pace here cos I feel like I have more things to do here than in Sg. Still struggling to do only the useful stuff, but nevertheless, my life is going somemore! Thanks to my Jesus.

7) Still trying to practice how to speak with a deadpan face. Especially when it comes to embarrassing stuff or things that require others’ help. The angmohs can do this really well.


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