My experiences cooking a cold egg…

Has never been pleasant, but this is the worst of all.

Usually I’m just too lazy to let it warm to room temperature after taking it out of the refrigerator. This time was no exception. I poured boiling water over it, expecting it to be half-boiled in a minute or so. But as usual, it cracked open watery still.

That’s when I stick the egg into the microwave–my best friend and my better choice, to “complete” the cooking. I noticed there was a part of the watery egg that leaked out of the shells and decided that would be the measure of cook-ness. It was only logical since the outer part receives the heat first.

Least did I expect the egg to explode in my face after microwaving for apparently far too many minutes and I heard a sizzle sound, only to realise part of the insides is fried!

From half-boiled to half-fried?


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