Dust/Church/Holidays & Housework/Michael Moore/VoIP

Over time, I have learnt to discern the peace in me and the worry in me.

I’ve learnt to flow in the good works of God.

This place collects so much dust you’ll be amazed. I can’t leave my cup in the open for more than the time I take to drink each glup. Because dust will settle on the water like cobwebs so quickly spiders will come next.

Intervarsity Church @ UB
So I was thinking about so many good things I received on Friday, at the Intervarsity Church…
– A list of local churches and transportation to there
– A list of small groups a.k.a. Bible Study groups
– An invitation to Chapter Retreat
– 4 pieces of invitations for an event to spread the Gospel (with free dinner and dessert, at the Pistachio—I’ve never been there before—I’m a sucker for anything new)

That I hope Jesus will guide me to the one thing I do right that will make the rest all right.

Michael Moore @ UB
I just read the assignment brief on interviewing people regarding the Michael Moore’s visit. Looks like I have to go to Michael Moore’s. Oh come’on, *whips!* Don’t be lazy!

Holidays & Housework

This weekend, because Thursday is a holiday and the rest of the days from Wednesday onwards were quite relaxed, I did some last minute house cleaning. I cleaned my room and the toilet.
– Antiseptic wipes around the furniture (kinda reminds me of SARS period in SG)
– Newly bought toilet cleaner on the bath tub
– Washed sheets and comforter
– Have not vacuumed and sanitized my carpet 😦

Horrified. Took 2 days to wash my comforter cos it was attracting all these weird red blobs of thread from the thermal blanket. And then its color faded. Walmart sucks! (This product was bought from Walmart, not the cheaepest one.)

I even threw it into the bath tub to wash. Now this is survivor tragedy #58263.

Long holidays and I kinda just threw my homework aside.

Time flies. Its already one month since the day I first step in. I still remember the moment at the airport when I left for the US. The “yay!-I’m-all-alone-and-i’m-going-to-have-some-adventure!” kiddish feeling.

Hung out at Starbucks just now again, this time with Eko. And was bored. So decided to play with VoIP again. But don’t know why my mobile can’t work. So I used my newly-download X-lite softphone and dialed a mutual friend. We got Lirong! Lol. She was on her way to school and we heard her board the SBS bus with the “teet!” ez-link beep.

Don’t feel like sleeping liao. Can somebody hire me for blogging about my life? Hehe.


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