So, got a message from pleu…plue…plub…(arg) that I am able to sync my E65 with Macbook thru iSync. The first time I tried it out, it was a total failure. Tonight I read on iMobile reviews that I can, once again, sync it with iSync and decided to try it again.

Guess what? The iSync found my device, even know its named after me and returned with 2 devilish reports:

This device is not supported by iSync

You no longer synchornize information across computers using iSync. Instead, use the .Mac pane of System Preferences (choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click .Mac).

So, a .Mac account requires some funds… uh… I’m back to square one.

I am, instead, looking at making calls from my mobile using the Internet on my Macbook… Hmmmmmm…


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