Today…Got my rollerblades!

14092007 park and ride, UB

14092007(001) steph
This is Steph. She is on my facebook and she is Irish American. I thought she was from Ireland but you know, it just means she’s Irish American lah. (Her ancestors are from Ireland, just like my ancestors are from China, just like many of you reading this right now is.) We went to TJ Maxx, I got a big blue plushie pillow!!! She got sports shoes. And then we went to Target–we both love those big red balls!

Steph’s got a story different from mine. Her house is just 15 minutes drive away from UB and her parents WOULD NOT let her live at home, even with a car to drive to school.

15092007(002) chair parts
I got a chair for my table too. Because I was suffering from back aches and many other aches from the cold hard chair. Never know they require so much construction. You know, I really LOVE making, fixing stuff. So then, the toolbox I bought back then (for 3.99) came to use. Chair: 19.99, cheapest I can find. Even in Walmart.

15092007(004) chair

We were supposed to visit this second-hand sports shop that Steph wanted to go before Target and TJ Maxx, so in the end we found it near Target. It’s called Sports Replay, I thought they were pretty creative with the shop name. They sell second-hand sports equipment. Check out the video.

Nike, pretty new, got just 39.90 USD. Unbelievable! I like it immediately.
15092007 my inline skates, nike (or rollerblades)

All these: skates, knee and wrist guards, helmet for 64.14 USD
15092007(001) full set for 64.14 USD only

Oh Debbie asked me to try Long John Silvers at:
Long John
Lockport, NY 14094

I don’t know when, but I’ll try and insert this option the next time my friend (one of those with cars) ask for a food place.

iSync… I can’t use it! I might have to refer manual or something.


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