My Daily Prayer

Thank you Jesus for all the gifts You gave, and all the wonderful people I meet in my life. All the people who helped me. I only wish to be lifted from my burdens. Thank you Jesus for hearing me.

My life is easier and easier by Your grace. As I thrust my faith, my life, my everything in Your big big hands, it only gets better. For you are my God, the perfect One, and the only One who never lets me down. I just want to praise You my Lord.

I also want to confess Your sacrifice at the cross. Your blood. Your broken body. Your finished work. Life is so easy, I am just cruising, I hope to be cruising always, in Your finished works, and I hope in the confident expectation of GOOD to ALWAYS be crusing in the knowledge of Your finished works! Free from worries, strengthened by spiritual health (physical comes naturally thereafter), glowing in the truth, in the confession, ALL Because of YOU my Jesus.

Jesus, all I have is from You. All the good I have is from You. Without You, I have nothing and I am nothing. With You, I have EVERYTHING, I have everything in the world, I have everything I need. Amen.

You came as God’s forgiveness to me and my fellow brothers and sisters. Oh, how good it is to revelate in this knowledge of Your Sacrifice. Ever better than knowing the Good and Evil! You came and we received abundant grace from our God. No longer are we judged. We are simply LOVEDDDDDDD. And loved willingly, unconditionally, and now and forever more!

Jesus you are my Light and I follow you like the moth to the light. You are the narrow way and the ONLY way. The only way to God’s love. Amen.

I love You Jesus. And Jesus love me even more! Where sin abounds, Grace super abounds! Where my love and obedience for Jesus remains, His love and prosperity is at rest in me.


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