Yesterday I watched Oprah Winfrey. She interviewed this woman who killed her husband. It was a good show. Oprah asked questions that were pentrating. She won’t let go if she didn’t made sense of the whole story you know. It was intense… her questioning…Now I know why Lirong says its a good show!

Then there’s Jerry Springer I still don’t get. There was a fight on stage between 2 couples, one in a bride suit and one looked like a very burly man.

Remember those times? Tom & Jerry, I used to watch when I was younger 🙂

Some Cantonese show… on this foreign language channel—they play all foreign language shows there, sometimes spanish, french, korean, japanese…

Sundance Channel (I think I chose the most boring show to show u)

And theres this TV show called “Sexual healing” showing people having surgery on their private parts. One is a transexual FTM (Femalte-to-Male) having breast surgery to remove it. The breast was cut open around the nipple and then red rubbery-like breast tissue were pulled out and cut. EWWWW I hid in my comforter. The nipple was blurred out.

13092007 remove breasts, transexual

The ads here are really creative, goofy, you can never guess what they are advertising on the first instance. It becomes even fun to guess what is the advertised product! I have to tape that one down one day!


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