Public Transport BUFFALO

I decided to find out about the public transport here so that I can justify taking a cab, or even getting a car (that’s up to mummy and daddy’s approval). Because we’re so not used to taking cabs in SG, especially no-income students, I might actually get you to think taking cabs are a necessity here and not a sign of laziness or convenience, compared to the public-transport laden SG.

Will take some time doing that, in the meantime… I still my little free UB shuttle to the nearest mall: Boulevard Mall. The bus also stop by Tops and Wegmans.

Uh who said GAP is closed in the US?
12092007(002) GAP in US

Oh speaking of Boulevard Mall, there was this cute salesman who stopped me on the way to sunglasses store and wanted to sell me some hot packs. He was so cute I thought he resembled Brad Pitt, and he had this non-American accent. Anyway, I did not buy any, he tried to stop me from leaving 3x by cutting e price lower and lower, but its still expensive! Jillian saved the day–she called. BUT there is another part to this story: I bought many many MANY hot packs online (, of course I picked the cheapest. There are good for warming my bed before I go to sleep–nods, problem solved. And warming my feet in bed–sometimes my feet feels like an iceblock while the rest of my body is warm from the thermal blanket I don’t know why.

Remember I told you I was missing my pillow? Yeah, realised I neglected my sheep… then I galloped to the bed to find it like this:
Look how comfy and happy it is! I’ll show u what Eko did to this sheep when he first saw it! HAHAHA!

My lunch on Tuesday:
11092007 my lunch
What an artpiece! The 3 bobs are tomatoes! I love tomatoes!

So tonight I had dinner, and I cooked this:
13092007(003) My dinner

Realised all the veg will expire soon, so I cooked so much I decided to invite Eko over to finish up all my veg. Cooking rice in a pot is a pain in the ass cos it takes SO LONG. I want my mummy’s kitchen–she has EVERYTHING!
13092007(005) Eko and my dinner

I’m not bragging but I have to tell you my veg is AWESOME. My mum will be so proud of me. There’s meat, garlic and white and green broccoli, housemates’s oyster sauce and my stir-fry sauce. And it just tasted like…. what my mum would make. MUAHAHAH.

P/S: I decided not to go to Michael Moore’s–if for the sake of blogging. ‘Cos I decided to draw a line between involuntary citizen journalism and simply blogging.


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