Career Counselling

(Career Services, UB) Went to Career Counselling today. Unlike SIM, this one is totally free. The SIM one I totally blew it, cos it took so long to book an appointment, I forgot all about it. Well I had it written down in my handphone, but I changed/or lost my handphone and my calender notes were gone. So I didn’t turn up, the counsellor called, I was engaged in school work. And I lost my SGD 5 like that. The reason for non-refund: the counsellor was present even though I did not turn up. The next best thing is to sign up for another appointment, I was told. You dream on, SIM, that I would give you another $5.

So this one. Well, we had to take a little quiz at DISCOVER before seeing him, sorta like a personality quiz, I blew the first appointment but unlike SIM, there weren’t any penalty, I simply had to re-schedule. And so I had a little chit-chat with the counsellor while he analysed my results and asked questions on “Why do you think my answers differ so much from each other?” And I answered him to the best of my guesses. Basically the chart is analysed on 3 measurements-Abilities, Interests and Values. My results for these 3 differ so much that I wasn’t able to get any one field where 3 coincides. Um, he seemed to value Interest and Values more than Abilities. Maybe its cos, he did say earlier that I seem to underrate my abilities. :/

So “I” and “V” points to work in the Community Services. He showed me some specific jobs in this career area, such as human services worker, and social workers, which are of a higher rank and might require a graduate degree. B’cos I told him I might be interested in working in the medical field but that does not require a degree in medicine. So he said therapists and social workers were excellent choices, they were involved in helping people and healing people but not do not require a degree in medicine. It was fun to know, but I told him Human Resources was the one for me. Something about going into that corporate world, into an organization, lights a fire in me. He said HR was involved in hiring people in organizations, firing, training, and personnel services. And it sounded more interesting to me. Maybe its cos I already see the final destination–Organization Counselling, as board of directors. 🙂

The way I see it, I’m still helping people. I’m helping people to be more efficient in the way they work, in their work, to communicate better in their work, to perhaps, love their work. This thought excites me. There is a formula to efficient work, and I’m itching to put that formula into practice.

He also gave some kind of a bridge between HR and health care- that is, managing nurses. Like how come there are shortages of nurses, are nurses not happy in their jobs, are they stressed, how to get nurses satisfaction in their jobs and stuff. But no, organizations is the way to go. My initial favourite industries were health care and human resources. I guess I have made my choice.

The funniest thing is HR wasn’t in any of the final recommended jobs after comparing Interests, Values, and Abilities results. Because one of the requirement of HR is to be good/interested in Administration and Sales and I rated myself low on that. But well… things can change right? If to repent is to change, the Lord has the power. If I repent to Him, He and His almight hand will change in ten-fold. Amen.

So what next?
I have 3 stuff to follow up:
1) Speak to Janeen, COM advisor, about interships (I just found out my American friend, the one who saw me with static disagreements in the supermart, her name is Steph, was and still is doing her internship too. Sweet.)
2) Check out BULLSEYE for
– mentors (these are volunteers from executives and higher in organizations)
– vacancy for HR jobs

Oh interesting result: I was rated high for my ability with technical stuff, like things, like computers, electronics, maybe its my love for gadgets. Maybe its inheritance from my dad! (nah)

Had chocolate cherry milkshake with Steph and her housemates and one boyfriend.

Another thing: I think my mum said she booked my return flight for 8 Dec. 🙂


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