Share the Good News!

Eunice got her satay from the Lord. Me got lotsa wonderful memories when I started my journey with the Lord.

I remembered how You spoke those words into my heart. That I could have all happiness, success and love. All of these. (Lirong, Cheila was there, I looked at them and was affirmed.) That was when I received. I inherited all your treasures, your kingdom of Heaven. I believed in You. And I still believe in You. Those who do not believe in you because they do not see a physical manifestation of You or Your works do not know that You live in us. We are your church. And only the 3,000 believers who believed in You saw Your resurrected body. (Was it 3 thousand or 3 hundred?)

Want to thank Lirong again, will never stop thanking her, for bringing me to the Lord, my Saviour. He came as my Saviour before anything else. He provides everything my spirit needs. And from then on, everything my body and soul need is taken care of.

I wanna thank Lirong for nurturing my eyes to the light of Jesus. I wanna thank her for speaking words of His presense, moments of truth into my heart.

All good things started happening the moment I attended church. Even though the devil’s little junior evil spirits tried to evil-ise the whole situation, I came out victorious, and closer to Christ. And saved once again.


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