All the stuff…

Paper sizes here are a bit smaller and fatter (in width) than A4. They are 11 by 8.5 inches. It’s a LETTER size. (Letter 11 x 8.5 279 x 216 LEF)

And their paper and folders have 3 holes punctured instead of 2. Two at top and bottom and one in the middle of paper.

Hoodies were invented for a purpose… Hmm… to shelter us from light drizzle or inconsistent huge drops of rain in short walks.

Added a section of my timetable. I don’t know… I guess I just like to be stalked 😛 No la, I like my schedule to be accessible by me online too. I like the idea everything can be googled (searched) out. Even my timetable, so that I don’t have to refer to my Orientation notebook. And I wish my Mac has some way of sending calender appointments or to-do notes to my cell by bluetooth or the Internet. So I won’t have to physically do it. And by one item I’m holding, I am able to manage a few.

Oh since I got a new TV a few days ago right, this is where the channels are listed and if you scroll down, there is the schedule as well.

I actually brought Eunice through all 93 channels on Skype!

Realise I forgot to ask for my As form my Abba. Pray for me.

Lecturer announced this morning in Journalism class Michael Moore is coming to Buffalo. And they’re giving free tickets. Should I go? Well his work is impressive, but not a fan of his, BUT… his is one of the few names I know compared to what they rattle on in class everyday. So ah~ Some familiarity.

Today is September 11. Is anybody doing any crazy stuff on campus-like killing all Muslims? I hope not. The Police is putting up a show instead. I won’t be there, cos I have class, but you read all about it in this flyer.

Closer to Home…
This morning, Felicia approached me and asked if she could feature my blog in the SIM newsletter. She said she has been reading mine and Hailee’s and its really interesting. 🙂 Of course I said yes.

God is Good. And everything in my life is good ‘cos of my Lord.


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  1. Posted by pleinelune on September 12, 2007 at 4:40 am

    You can open up “iSync” on your mac to sync your mobile phone calendars and contact list through bluetooth. 🙂

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