Rotten Food

I am so glad Pastor Prince is such a good speaker of an Asian descent. Because sometimes I find it priviledged to understand his jokes.

Last week. Been on a refrigerator revamp lately. You wouldn’t believe how many expired food there were. Potato salad, meatloaf, my french beans (sob), milk. I thawed my beef stripes to cooked and threw it away after realising it is expired too! Made a decision to check all expiry dates of food, especially the fresh veggies I have in my bottom section of fridge. To my horror, all lasts less than a week! Only canned food last the longest. :S However it pleased me to find out I have a lot of fresh veggies.

Don’t you just like the texture of the fresh meat?
10092007 texture of tender meat

Cooked rice in a pot. YES YES YES I succeeded. It’s not soggy anymore!

What’s for dinner!

10092007whats for dinner!
If the meat looks eaten into, that’s cos i tasted a bit of it.

10092007dinner by the tv
Mummy’s box become my dinner table. (Ok wondering how come I still keep the SingPost box? I’m secretly a part-time garang guni.)

10092007 housemates' oyster sauce
Housemate’s oyster sauce-my best cooking companion.

Forgot to put garlic. :S


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