Commons Christian Fellowship, Bible Studies

Went to the Commons Christian Fellowship yesterday. Had Bible Studies. He went very fast, this guy named Alexander Tullis. He is employed as a minister in CCF in UB. If you look around the website, you will see his name. By saying he went very fast = I couldn’t get to pages in the Bible in time, he spoke very fast, he spoke little on every scripture and then we move on to the next already. I think time was tight, because the worship songs and scripture understanding and prayers for requested persons by the group, and the Holy Communion took a little less than 1 hour. Efficient huh. I did not take any videos because I wanted to be fully immersed in worship. The place also had stacks of bibles and worship songbooks for you to take. The songbooks had a cover that looked more like a bible (dark hardcover with bright shiny Times New Roman letterings) and than the bible did. The Bible had a soft cover that looked like a school textbook.

Their Holy Communion tins and the “broken body of Christ” is the same as us. But not the “blood”, its sour.

After that, Alex’s wife approached me and asked, “Alex said you’re from China?”

Hahahaha….. You know the rumor that Americans think all Chinese are from China? Well, I thought this was one of them. But it turned out that Alex met another girl at Wednesday’s worship session who promised him she would come again, who probably is truly a Chinese from China. I know I know…. its ok…. all angmohs look the same to me too, whether you’re from Germany, Canada, or Australia.

After that the whole group went to Dunkin Donuts to eat. And I was invited.

Side Note: My skin is getting better and I’m growing sideburns. Er……

My Adidas shoes that only cost 80+ SGD


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