New Creation Church, One North Buona Vista

Exactly 7 hours the third service was over, I spoke to Eunice in SG over Skype. She announced that New Creation Church will have its own building! The address she gave me was One North Buona Vista.

On the StreetDirectory, they do not have this address.

north buona vista
Pink line is North Buona Vista. Red line is the highway.

Civil Service College is at 31 North Buona Vista Road. So 1 North Buona Vista must be in the opposite direction of the same road. Lets hope it is pretty near the mrt. Ok North Buona Vista is very long. If its one, it must be right at the other end.

Calling all New Creations to input more info! Like when will it build? When will it be done!

She also said that all New Creations were asked to stand to receive this announcement, this good news. 🙂 I wish I was there!

P/S: They do not have kaya and crysanthenum tea (those 3-in-1 packets are very scarce here).

Amsie says built in 3-5 years time! 40% is owned by Capital land for retail. (Eunice also said that, but I forgot to put it in) Meaning shopping combined with church. It will be like what we’re used to now at Suntec City and yay! Happy! Accessible food and toilets-neat! I hope they do something about the toilets. Like station a circumference of dual-gendered toilets within 5 metres of church’s exit.

You know the funny thing is, Lirong sent me a sermon on Thursday, its called : When You Sit Still, He Will Not Rest. I was listening to it on Friday. And….. I thought I heard something about “now that we have found a place”, “ain’t we glad church, its a place surrounded by food”. Something like that. These words were recalled from memory. And the first thought that came to mind was Pastor Prince was annoucing a new building for us. But then again, I thought he may be talking about Suntec City our current location because the sermon was quite old (not dated).

More Updates: (taken from here) thanks Darren!

$660m to develop cultural, retail and entertainment project

Monday • September 10, 2007

Johnson Choo

SOUTH-EAST Asia’s largest real estate developer CapitaLand will jointly develop a $660-million integrated civic, cultural, retail and entertainment hub at Vista Xchange, one-north, with Rock Productions.

The venture along North Buona Vista Road comes after Rock Productions won the $189-million tender from JTC Corporation on Sept 7, to build, lease and operate the hub on a 60-year lease. The project will comprise a civic and cultural zone with more than 30,000 sq m in gross floor area and a retail and entertainment zone about 24,000 sq m.

In a statement filed with the Singapore Exchange, CapitaLand Retail, the retail arm of CapitaLand, said it would be investing about $380 million to own and manage the retail and entertainment zone, plus approximately 1,000 car park lots at the proposed development.

Rock Productions, which has committed about $280 million, would own and manage the civic and cultural zone.

CapitaLand Retail will also project-manage the entire development.

“The civic and cultural zone of the integrated hub at Vista Xchange will be a world-class venue for staging large-scale performances, shows and events,” said Mr Mathew Kang, director of Rock Productions.

“The proposed 5,000-seat high-tech theatre, backed by the expertise of Artec Consultants and IMG Artists, is expected to fulfil the needs of, and attract these target performing art and cultural groups.”

Mr Pua Seck Guan, CEO of CapitaLand Retail said: “Other than catering to the demand of the affluent crowd from the nearby Bukit Timah, Holland and Rochester Park areas, the retail and entertainment zone is expected to benefit from the natural visitor catchments from one-north communities, surrounding housing estates as well as tertiary institutions close by.”

The project is scheduled to be completed by 2011. CapitaLand shares rose 5 cents to close at $7.55 last Friday.


So basically what’s important to note is that Matthew Kang is the Director of Rock Productions. Not only that, according to NCC on Wikipedia, the Church also owns its own publishing house.

We will get to our church in 2011. I assume the “5,000 seat high-tech theatre” refers to the place we worship in the future, because Eunice mentioned Pastor Prince saying something about seating 5,000 people.

Name of building: Vista Xchange.



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  1. Posted by Alphonse Yu on September 19, 2007 at 4:43 am

    one-north is the whole area behind MOE building, includes Biopolis.

    And… its just beside the MRT station.

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