Got my TV!!

(yesterday evening) 22inch box tv for $40 and had 2 big guys carry it up for me. With a stand too! A nice brown color wooden stand. 🙂 I took out the middle wooden shelf piece, intending the space for my stereo. Not used to calling “stereo” for “hi-fi”. Feels like I will call it “steroids” at a slip of tongue anytime.

Must be TV-deprived. Have been watching TV for 5 hours and don’t feel like shutting my eye even though I’m really tired.

07092007(011) teevee

Didn’t my TV looks huge in my room. Thank you Abba. When I ask from you, you always deliver MORE than I ask for. You surpass all my expectations, my requests and my wishes and wants. YOU are truly my provider.

As the guys left, I said a little prayer to Him.

I didn’t blog here, but Lirong can be my witness. I told her how stressful it was cos I wanted to get so many things at one time and I was on a super tight budget. Not because I was poor, but because this is Daddy’s money and these are luxuries and well, there are avenues for good deals–and I know where to find them. But this whole process is so stressful. I wanted a TV like back home (plasma), a dvd recorder, a dvd player, a hi-fi set, a hi-fi set that connects to mp3 player and the computers, cos I like my sound with bass. Back home, I don’t even watch tv, if i do, i watch it on the 13inch in my room. But my living room has the plasma—im too pampered la. But knowing that fact doesn’t stop me from wanting everything!! Not especially with recording Sundance channel high on my agenda.

So I prayed to Abba, and said, “Daddy, i leave this all in your hands. In my hands, I only make a mess out of everything. But in your hands, you make it good. You are good.” After I confess that, I was half-relieved. The next day, I went about my own biz of going Circuit City to check out more stuff la and etc. But it was good. Cos when I returned home, Lirong was online and… believe it or not IT WAS GOOD (refer “Where Sin Abound, Grace Super Abound!” post) And Eko said he would help me with the wires.

I found this TV deal after I chatted with her.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lirong on September 9, 2007 at 2:57 am

    YAY! u finally have a teevee 🙂

    rmbr to watch OPRAH ok?!

  2. Posted by Andrea Ng on September 9, 2007 at 4:01 am

    which channel issit in? my tv schedue is here:

    zip is 14261

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