"Where Sin Abound, Grace Super Abound!"

Spoke to Lirong and all good things started happening to us. Even though I was tired and I was merely whinning to her.

She inspired me to get posters in my room. And I will, with the help of our Lord Jesus.

After we hung up on Skype, we chatted somemore on msn and told her about this message I heard from one of her sermons that was so fundamental, it was like the missing clue to the whole puzzle.

In the sermon, I grab hold of this phrase “Where Sin Abound, Grace Super Abound!” and made it into a poster with an artwork I saw from Art.com

(Ok all I did was adding the words ok :P)

Then saw this picture of a big hand, of a Buddha, and thought about how big our Lord’s hands are.

Then another big hand of Buddha–Buddha’s hands must be really big too huh.

God’s instruction to me:

It is true I have to chill and relax. Right now I feel I have so many unsatisfactories in life. But God hears me. He hears me and his works are 10x more powerful than mine.

You know in the previous post about the luring-people bible? All the bulls*** is what I hear from other people. Actually when I saw that, I was thinking which of my friends should I tell about this good news. Which is why I took a pic of e corner of the ad (lazy to copy down) – the part where it shows the email to contact. But blur huh…


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