Journalism/Speech/TV w in-built DVD

Yesterday I had the most interesting assignment of all in Journalism class. We were told to interview 10 people. I thought its due next day or something. No! We got up on our feet and went hunting down people at 8:20 AM and told to report in 40minutes time! OH MY GOD. Luckily I have my handphone, cos we need to write down EVERY word they say. And so I spent some time, re-listening and jotting down the stuff they say. The audio is quite clear. The angmohs project their voice pretty well. And pronounciation cripsy clear. I heard them clearer than me.

Today, quite sick, didn’t go council meeting. Got a bit sore throat and feeling feverish and tired. After napping-ok ler. But found out about churches nearby. Haven’t found a home church yet. Churches I can join. I am quite a detailed person. And fussy. Everything must fit to a T. I’m fussy and detailed. Have this obssession ’bout details. Will drill you till I get it right. You cannot lie to me one. But then will lose out to speed. If you go fast enough, I will be fooled by you. So, my armour is to go slow.

This Presbyterian guy who is in contact with all the churches nearby said the nearest church that is like New Creation would be The Chapel, and their Vintage program. ITS HUGE. It’s a huge church with lotsa college students, but I have no way of getting on the highway without a car.

Had my 2 minute Introductory speech today in Public Speaking class. Thanks to Jillian who practiced with me and gave me some tips yesterday. It really built up my confidence!! Met Guech at the Young Chow (Chinese restaurant on campus) and practised with her and 2 other China/HK friends too. I spoke a little too fast during the speech, but should be OK.

The TVs here come with a DVD player. Wanna know what it means? Take a look at this picture I got from eBay.

Amazing huh. (Not all, some!)

Boyfriend sleeping on couch, chased out of bedroom I guess. (Housemate’s boyfriend)
04092007 Boyfren sleeping in living room
My housemates are: Cheryl, Melissa and Rachael. All BSc students.

A notice giving FREE BIBLE. Ha.
04092007(001) Giving free Bible
Are you thinking what I’m thinking? TO LURE PEOPLE. There are a lot of such stuffs around. Especially free dinners.

Interesting Organizational Charts lecturer drew that I wanna save in pictorial form. In the end, I still drew them down.
04092007(002) Org Comm charts
All that theory was drying us up, I think he could see that, so he gave us this. Told him I would like to see some case studies of his work (since he was a consultant before) and he said ok.

Urm… the board has been empty for quite a while… and then THIS: Life Quotes on my board.

Left side of the board: What to cook for dinner party
05092007(001) What to cook for dinner party
Yesterday they had a dinner party at home for a friend’s birthday.

My cell keeps dropping on the ground ever since I reached here. It is totally disfigured now. Previously I can still sell it for $200 SGD. I think now, its for life. Either I have weak hands or the gravity here somehow is stronger.

You know how the Mac keyboard gets black stains on them so easily even though you just clean them a few days ago? SURPRISINGLY. it doesn’t here. It’s still white white.


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