Jesus, all the hope of Mankind.

Jesus, how come everytime I do this, I feel dead inside? Jesus I really don’t like what I am doing but yet it is the right way of doing things. I feel like punishing myself. What should I do?

Jesus, my very good for value home theatre system guy didn’t turn up. You deal with this need of mine ok?

And like, this person ask for my views, thank for them, I suspect he/she doesn’t value it, what should I do?

I learnt to apply Jesus’s forgiveness on myself. Cos I realized I was only taking 50%. So I tried increasing. I thought of the self-condemning things I did for the past few days—the feelings of guilt, fear, condemn, and I got 75%. And then I tried again, this time it was 100% and I felt really joyful. Even though I don’t know what I was forgiving myself for, I felt really happy just to know He forgives me! The more I take Jesus’ fogiveness, the happier I am.

1 John 1:7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin. His blood constantly flows like the stream, cleanses us from all sins—even self-applied ones. Applying it like tiger balm on every unforgiveness ache you experience within yourself. Amen.

Jesus, all the hope of Mankind.

This evening, me and a friend we were talking about ancestory. She teased that we might be distant relatives. And I said, maybe its true cos we’re from Adam and Eve. Then I went to question God’s work. Qn: If you want to populate the world, why did you plant one man and a woman only? The smart way would be to put clusters of people randomly on the globe. And my friend agreed, ‘that would explain the different skin tones.’ And I said, maybe its a story people made up. I repent.

OH. Now I realise, she is not a child of God. She is not saved.

Thank you Abba for the many sermons sent my way. For such an annointed pastor to come in my life. For such a godly friend to keep. For taking away my fear for the speech I have tomorrow. Thank you Abba. Amen.


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