The third commandment:

Thou shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name

I was listening to pastor prince. He says we are all sinners, because the 10 commandments given were meant to compare our weakness and bring us to despair. Then I realize I don’t know what is written in the Law at all! Surprisingly. Because I have always considered myself a child of he New Covenant, I paid no attention to the 10 commandments at all. But no harm knowing the stuff you shouldn’t do because subconsciously you might be doing them.

So the Lord showed me to Exodus and I read the 10 commandments. When I came to the 3rd commandment, I realized something. I remembered this girl in church (on Friday) I spoke to, she was saying how mis-used the phrase “oh my god” is. Because to her, when she uses that phrase, she was actually crying out to her Lord. So then after that, I got very conscious, because I was one of those who used it like any other English expression. And I used it several times during our conversation. Oh gosh, every time I use it, I feel condemned. Like I wasn’t up to her level at all. And her bible was filled with notes at every intersection and scribbles at every page. She must be a Christian for a very long time…

When I read the 10 commandments, I read it with ease knowing all my sins are forgiven, all the laws broken (if I ever remember them) are punished in the body of Jesus Christ. Jesus saves. From the moment I am recruited as a child of God, I inherit all His peace, prosperity and blessings. My journey with God did not start very early. That is one of my regret. As many times as I seek a saviour in the past, I was not saved. I punish myself by struggling to hold on to His love. But knowing how much He forgives, I forgive myself too. Knowing how much He loves me willingly and unconditionally, I forgive myself and love myself too. I start my day with a child-like curiosity, wondering how much He loves me. Because knowing how much He loves me, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the rest of the day. It’s true. When I follow the Lord, goodness hit me left and right.

Everything I shall leave to God. Cos God’s hands are THAT big and everything He does, He multiplies its success. It is proven and demonstrated in the people around me.

While listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon, I realize there are people who have cancer, pregnancy problems, and ailing health problems everyday. Only God can heal them.


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