I’m so tired today. I think I should not overwork my body at night.

COM 380 Health comm: USD 49.50 from UB bookstore, second-hand
COM 398 Journalism: USD 40 from Facebook marketplace
COM 427 Adv Org Comm: No required textbooks!
PSY 331 Social Psy: This book is in its 1st edition so there’s only brand new. USD 85.25 from UB bookstore
COM 326 Public Speaking: Used, USD 54.74 from

Total: USD 229.49

Same textbooks from UB bookstore, cheapest: USD 285.75

Savings: USD 56.26 = SGD 85.52

So I dropped the Small Group Comm, and switched to Public Speaking, scared of speaking publicly but Dr. Sachs offered some familiarity from Singapore. I’m so happy to see him I feel like giving him a big hug but that would just scare him off because he doesn’t remember me. At least I’m used to this quirky humor. And his illustrations were good. He is overall a very professional lecturer. I don’t know why I did not realise this in the past. Maybe I was busy dozing off. So I like my courses now, I find them interesting and am ready to get involved. 😀 When Andrea set her targets, she is all ablaze.

And yesterday, for Adv Organizational Comm (I’m really crazy about Org Comm.), this lecturer, Professor George A. Barnett, i’m sure all you Singaporeans know him! He said he taught Research Methods last summer. Ok, im really glad i didn’t take his research methods class… :S And then there was another girl in this class who studied in SG in spring 2007, NTU. Awesome.

Walking in the hot sun recently has made my arms turn a little brown.

And you know, over here, it’s really easy to make friends and talk to anybody you wish. Cos they’ll respond. We’re pretty much independent beings and on our own. There’s a lot of small talk going around. People are friendly and interested to get to know each other, but their friendships might not last beyond a hi-and-bye. And you can bump into people easily. If you walk into “hot zones”, like outside the Commons, Student Union buildings, bookstore, these are mainly the buildings with food too, except for the bookstore.

Like on my way to the bookstore from Park (name of a academic building), I can bump into Bernard and Eko outside Park, and then my Jap friend Masami outside bookstore and spot Eunice (China friend) inspecting some Communication books in the bookstore. And I introduced them.

Earlier in my new class at Public Speaking, I thought I was the only one there but no! Kenny and Hai Lee too! At lunch, Jillian spotted me in a queue for free hotdogs, I didn’t even know what I was doing there, just waiting for Eunice. Eunice came with a Hongkong friend, Jessica or something, ooo I love their accent, the Hongkie English.

Ooooo… i think its a secret I like being among different people. And talking to people.

More Niagara Falls pictures at Flickr, from Masami’s digi cam, she just passed me today:

Me braving the showers

Me, at the top of the U.S. Falls

All drenched

With Him, I’m never lost again.


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