All in a Day’s Random

I’m surprised at how well Americans understand me. They even say my English is very good.

Male drivers here are really courteous! 9 out of 10 drivers who stop for me are mostly male Caucasian drivers. And they stop like in the middle of the road, or in the middle of acceleration and wave me to cross the road!

I had Chinese food today. Filling and tasty. Then I started feeling thirsty. The food must be FULL of salt.

Ate on campus and at May Jen Chinese Restaurant

Shopping is such a drag… I have a shopping list and these convert from phrases in point forms to really heavy stuff to carry home! I bought milk. It tastes funny. I have problems finding Vitagen, envelops and a digital radio tuner! Ok, I have no idea why i can’t find Vitagen, but the envelops I find are those bubble-wrapped ones or those with decorative writing pads bundled with them. So I assume people just go to the post office and buy them. And the digital radio tuner thing–they only have analog tuner! OMG

Went shopping at Walgreens

And I hate hate hate getting “electric shocks” everytime I reach out to grab something. Its the static. I’m not sure how it evolved too. Maybe cos its cold here. It makes a very unpleasant shopping experience you know! I’m thinking of hiring people to take things off shelves for me now!

My favourite and proudest purchase of the day:

So I can fix stuff! Only 3.99 USD!

Ok, so I’ve just been recruited as Secretary for the Singapore Student Association (SSA) executive board. And previously, Jillian recruited me as Assit. PR. Hmmmmmm… We’ll see what we do from here.

Buffalo has very beautiful clouds.

First day of school–they use chalkboard
27082007 (I dropped this class)

Or projector..

First day of sch–lotsa people, compared to empty UB a few days ago!

My housemate’s door… (muahahah..)

2nd day of sch, Social Psy–a huge class!

Finally went Michael Hall (where the clinic, pharmacy are) to consult for my face breakouts. It’s barely 2 weeks and I’ve seen the doctor 2x already. HTH (health insurance) must be making a loss from me 🙂 See how important Health Communication is. Been having dizzy spells too…

ANNOUNCEMENT: Daddy allows me to spend the plane ticket $$ to come back this winter YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!

Have been flipping thru’ newspaper; nothing made sense to me except for ads and commentaries. Decided I like New York Times better. Their titles are easier to read; sorta like the Straits Times. USA Today and NYTimes are provided free by the school. The Buffalo News also.


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  1. Posted by fuyouni on August 30, 2007 at 2:25 pm

    it’s the MSG that makes you thirsty!

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