Oh so very annointed

Today’s Daily Devotional

“What does this have to do with us? God’s Word says that Christ is the head and we the church are His body. So Christ and the church are one. Christ and you are one! You cannot say that God sees Christ the head perfect but His body imperfect. Or that Christ is accepted but His body not accepted. The measure of Jesus’ acceptance with God is the measure of your acceptance with God! Accepted and loved by God, the maker of all beings. What more do I care and wish for? Or be cared about other beings’ judgment? In other words, what Jesus is before God, you His body are. As He is, so are you in this world. (1 John 4:17)

Today, God wants you to lay claim on Christ being your head. Jesus I sit at your feet and feed on you—your words your body. Start believing that all His perfections, delights and joy that He brings to the Father’s heart, He has set to your account. And you will begin to realise that as Jesus is a sweet-smelling aroma to the Father, so are you!Jesus, the son of God, so as we are

The more you begin to see that you are one with Christ, the more you will realise that whatever you need right now, He is dispensing to you. If you are sick in your body, Christ your head imparts His health and healing to you. If you lack wisdom, Christ your head freely imparts His wisdom to you.
I rather be a stupid sheep that follows the shepherd than the clever goat that falls off the cliff. Jesus will lead me to prosperity, peace, good health. It is written in the Bible. Amen. If you have any lack, Christ your head gives you His exceeding riches.” Jesus’s works, completed 2,000 years ago, I acknowlege and receive, it does not come to waste as long as I receive. What a gift! The Blood shed. The Body broken. I profess His Works! It is finished!

A while ago, I asked, if Father in Heaven is my Father, then how come He does not show up? Be with me physically? As all humans are? To prove His presence, He accompanied me a whole day. I felt His presence for the longest time in a day.

Jillian asked me why I do not cry. I do. When I miss SG. And when I am in His presence.

I decided not to get a job and a SSN. Maybe if I’m too free la.

Changes to Timetable: (I quit and added a class)
MON WED FRI 11am-1350pm
TUE THUR 8am-1520pm (same)


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