My Fortune Cookie

I never actually seen one before, but there it is, everytime I order a delivery from the Chinese restaurant. I wondered how the cookie tastes like. It just tastes like a sweet biscuit. Alright, edible, if not for the fortune-telling. Kinda reminds me of a piggy bank.

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

And my fortune is:
Staying close to home is going to be best for your morale today.

Flipped to the back:
Learn Chinese – Joke around.
开玩笑 (in traditional chinese) – kai wan sel
Lucky numbers 15, 3, 8, 9, 33, 2

OMGGGGG *horrified* no wonder the angmoh’s mandarin is so bad!

And I forgot to tip the delivery man. Oh Lorrrrd, :/

Andrea just realise she is not happy without rice. Her tummy is not full at all. Today I ordered Chinese. Happy 😀 And tummy happy! Will not get hungry so soon. Will not feel so cold. 😀 Lao shu ai Da mi. I am lao shu ai da mi. Lao shu = rat. I am born in the Year of Rat. Ai = Love/Heart. Da mi = Big rice grain.

Did laundry today and cleaned my room. Getting ready for first day of school.

Eunice taught me how to cook rice in a pot and Lirong gave me 10 thousand sermons! I am greatly blessed! Amen. Lirong is really smart. She put all tracks into 1 one-hour sermon and burnt like 10 thousand sermons in one CD! Eunice gave me another 10 thousand sermons too. OK, jus realise both are ‘eunice-s.’ Maybe Eunice-s are really nice.

Oh, know another Eunice from China on campus. She is really nice too. I read her blog and I think to myself, ‘Hm good opportunity to brush up my Chinese.’

Desiree gave me the ingredients to potato salad, unwillingly.

Miss SG and the streets of SG, especially in the night time. Orchard, Taka, Borders…and nearer home, 24 hr prata place aka cheong chin nam. If I could put a smell to these visuals, they smell like my little pillow. Home. Comfort. Familiarity. *homesick.

Eko sent me 2 Hillsong songs. I have SO MUCH to thank for!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. for sure u’ll miss home, but isn’t it great be in exploring new things living in a diff country? :p i sure could use a change of environment now..

  2. Posted by mum on August 28, 2007 at 5:37 am

    Now you know home is the best??
    You are right, asian people cant
    go without rice for meals. Especially you are rat(lao shu ai da mi) haha….. your smelly little pillow still lying on the bed waiting for the owner to be back. Take care!!

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