Jesus lead me

The song I listened to on the last night, “With All I Am”, by Hillsong. (on the last night i was in singapore)

The lyrics go,
Into your hand
I commit again
With all I am
For you Lord

When people ask me what/how is it going to be like in U.S.. I don’t know how to answer because even as I try to imagine how it would be like, I have no idea at all. One thing’s for sure, the Lord has always been there, guiding me. Because, I am all alone, coming to a foreign country, anything could happen to me. But the Lord leads me.

When I confess that,
Once again, I’m defeated by the goodness of my Abba in heaven. Once again, i’m convinced there is a supernatural being in control. Once again, there is a God I can depend on for all the abundant goodness I can have in the world.

“Into your hand”, I remember how big His Hand is.

And this just proves the statement right, the less control you have, the more the Lord leads you to green pastures. Amen.

THE LORD is not only my Saviour, He is my Provider. And His miracles is going to go even BIGGER. His miracles are going beyond my dreams.

He holds my dreams because I cannot think of anything I want now that I do not have. Therefore He holds my dreams. And when the time comes, His grace will bring me there.

We’re all children of God. No need to be lost anymore. Praise God.


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