Pepsi (08/22)

My phone is down, it is not connecting to my com, so i have to bluetooth every single picture and video you see in Flickr and YouTube. Anyway, i’m one more day to end of Orientation so thought I can finally have some time to myself, plus i’m feeling high (why ah?). Not sure. I wanted to keep myself from sleeping with Pepsi this afternoon, but looks like the caffeine is only acting up now.

This is the Pepsi I drank today. It says 591ml. The ones in SG are usually 500ml. Need I prove anymore that this is supersize US? Funny, cos when I was drinking this, I happened to be attending an orientation program about eating healthily in US and I was damn conscious for every sip I take.



On my Flickr, I also took alot of advertisements. Instead of copying them on a notebook, I went around campus and “recorded” ads that will be useful to me in e future.

I just called Jillian, she’s here!!!


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