There is so much going on, and so much I have to go I don’t even know where to start telling you. I spend the whole morning sulking over my broken marker board. I mean although it doesn’t cost much, but where’s the integrity of owning up to what you did? Boys without balls. And then finally I dragged myself out to what’s left of the orientation. Oh I went to see the Complex Director too and told him what happened. I think I must have been loud, because the admin people gave me a weird look after that. Like they’re scared of me. I want to talk to them, but god knows when we have the time, they’re really busy since they have not had the time to settle down after their NYC trip. My face skin condition is getting bad. It looks like I have an outbreak or rashes. But it’s not itchy. I’m going to see the Health Council. I haven’t got my cell (but I did get a number) and my house phone plugged in! I’m thinking about insuring my room and property and getting Operation I.D. on it. I don’t even have time or the mood to take videos anymore. I want to go on a shopping trip when Jillian comes! I brought so little clothes I have nothing to wear soon.


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