You know how they say “far water cannot save near fire”. I think in my case “far water” put out the fire completely. I woke up with rashes on my entire neck and spreading to my back and joints, and the hips. While I was in the toilet (these days I’m always hanging in the toilet when at home), I prayed and believed completely that Jesus has taken care of my skin conditions already. As I logged on, to find the prayer Pastor Prince so forcefully put across (it was the sermon on manna), Anj took Holy Communion with me, mum ask me to put oilment… and I am healed! In Jesus’s name! AMEN.

I really thank you Lord, for these people, my constant companions, manifestations of your wide, ever-reaching love. People like Nic, Eunice and Lirong, Marish, Jeanne, and the many people who gave their well wishes to me, who are ever so supportive in the Lord’s strength. The best things are always unseen.


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  1. Posted by lirong on August 23, 2007 at 11:24 am

    Thank God for you sista:) we shld skype again soon.

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