Dunkin Donuts, Hospital (08/21)

Lunch at Dunkin Donuts and Mac.

I looked myself in the mirror recently. And I realise baby hairs are beginning to grow at the area where sideburns are supposed to be. Er…. ears keeping warm? Not only that, my facial hair, on my cheeks, are growing dark and long and very visible. Oh gosh, face keeping warm?!

And people drop their 1 cents all over the floor and I come along and pick them up. Its different here. Where SG don’t use 1 cents at all, here, people do actually use their 1 cents because of the way the coins are valued and and way price is given. They have coins that are valued at 25cents, 10cents, 5 cents and the 1 cent. And the price tags are like 23.92 or 38.73 or 7.56. The price tags are counted right down to the cents. So you have to pay every single cent(unless*). In SG, every price is rounded off to the nearent 10cents.

(*you’re paying for service a.k.a. tips. Tips is about 15% of total bill. At other times, you have to take your initiative, like cabs and ordering delivery.)

Other Observations:
-Cars drive really slowly here. Like at 40 – 50 km/hr. And if I’m not wrong, that is their speed limit too.
-Shit on campus is from those birds at the Lake Lasalle. Someone told me that.

Saw squirrels on the way back. They move really agile-ly, unlike me.
Update: They’re called “skearls”, as contributed by seriousmetsfan. Remember I said there were animals running around? Today the Lord gave me skearls.

In the afternoon, I felt my face burning. Then I went to look at the mirror and found the rashes relocated to my face. OMG!I panicked and picked one after-hours helpline to call. Free-of-charge on Skype. The nurse told me to come and she will send an ambulance. I said I will come in a cab. She emphasized, “Now, remember, that is YOUR choice.” I finally get what it means. Because it turns out, I was overreacting after only I reached the hospital. Because my rashes ceased.

So I took pictures of the hospital.


This is me, with my swollen face.


So, on the way home, I decided to walk, to save money, and I saw a lot of pretty houses, I think this is what it means to live in the suburban, just by looking at those houses. No fences, closed windows, one-level houses, nice gardening, cars, driveway, garage, all the houses by the side of the road, one supermart miles away, sometimes a cluster of them, sometimes its just a row of shops, or sometimes its just ONE shop in a house-like building. Nobody walked or drove in while I was on that 20-30 minute walk. I guess there is little activity too. Then I saw these pins on these wooden lampost, which rose very high to link traffic lights together, and wires too. I think.


Guezz what its for? See next picture.

Hammering notices.

While at the hospital, I was frightened by how the food I see most Americans take are fried, fast food and in large portions. Very unhealthy.


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