It’s really quiet here you know. I can feel my life seeping into silence. So I began to feel restless at home too.


See, I could still wear shorts and enjoy the breeze.

I didn’t have any clothes to wear so I bought these at the stores (tee at buffalo, shorts at some departmental store near South Campus. Seriously, I wasn’t impressed at their designs. In fact, I’m not impressed at clothes in Buffalo at all! No wonder US needs NYC!

On the way home I thought I saw a cat hiding under the car. But no…


Then I realise there are no animals running around like SG. And then I also realise how quiet this little town is, without students. So I was seriously begining to waste away at home…

SO! This is Saturday. The campus is dead, nothing is open at The Commons (the only food place I know in campus) so I finally get to order to take out!



Chinese food with lotsa soya sauce (in packets) like its best thing that happened to Chinese food. This is beef and broccoli platter set. I watched ‘Interview with a vampire’ while having dinner. It’s my second time watching the movie, I continued from where I left of the last time. This place is really dead you know. I can feel my life slowly seeping into silence. And can feel my lips and hands drying up. So I got into a habit of putting lotion on my hands and limbs. Just haven’t got into the habit of putting lip balm, but I have now, at the time of posting.

I finally connected to the school’s internet via cable. They tell me the cable jack is BIGGER than the phone jack but I really cannot tell the difference. Anyway, its connected. There is no wireless on campus. My observation is that the loading of webpages is no any significant faster than SG, that’s if SG’s webpages don’t jam half way la. But the loading of videos, such as YouTube is REALLY smooth!


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